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friend got a haircut and went blonde how the fuck is she so beautiful.

friend got a haircut and went blonde how the fuck is she so beautiful.

photobombing 101

photobombing 101

who needs to be pretty when they can have chocolate

who needs to be pretty when they can have chocolate


am i the only one who rehearses things i might say in advance? and I don’t mean like my theoretical oscars acceptance speech i mean like what i’ll say to the pizza guy when I answer the door in my pjs

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either Loki legitimately loves the color green or there was one time when he was ten where he mention kinda liking his green shirt and Frigga just fucking rolled with it and at some point he just gave up

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steve/tony fic recs (part 2)

my other reclist (here) had all the frequently-rec’d classics. these are pretty recently published (~july 2013). they’re short-length and found on ao3.

i’m a stickler for good grammar, so these fics should be beta’d / proofread. a lot of steve/tony fics seem pretty cliche, so i looked for ones with refreshing originality.

asterisks denote particularly memorable fics. links should open in new window.


the first time i went dancing sober by schemingreader (5.6k, nc-17): no-powers AU. past alcoholism, first meeting, get-together. ‘steve rogers is a great physical therapist who works with sick kids. tony stark is a damaged biotech engineering genius who really wants to be one of the good guys.’

man’s shirt, short skirt by squarebrain (4.4k, pg-13): humor, fluff, mild angst, genderbender. tony doesn’t recognize steve at first. note the rating — no hetero sex. ‘it was the laser-beam, it was the only explanation. because steve rogers was fairly sure he’d not had breasts yesterday.’

* aftercare by tryfanstone (2.8k, nc-17): implied dubcon. omegaverse, but refreshingly not a pwp; probably should be rated r instead. ‘tony’s an equal opportunity alpha, but steve’s from a different generation. worlds collide.’

if i should stumble by avengerstime (7.9k, unrated): angst, fluff, h/c, canon AU. amputee!Tony resulting from afghanistan, near.deaf!Clint, panic attacks, team bonding. be warned; this one has a few grammar issues! the plot is unique, though, so i decided to rec it anyways.

* hammer dat ass by amuly (3.6k, r): humor/crack. the title is absolute gold. ‘when hacking into tony stark’s satellites, justin hammer makes an interesting discovery, or three. that is, three satellites dedicated solely to one steve roger’s ass.’

* all about standards by amuly (2.4k, pg-13): humor/crack. facebook stalking, electronically.challenged!Steve. ‘steve rogers and tony stark begin dating publicly. their respective villains are not amused.’

twenty-five years doesn’t exist by iamshadow21 (1k, pg-13): humor, light angst, established relationship, identity issues, body image, de-aging. background clint/coulson. short but intriguing. ‘it may not seem like a big deal to those who aren’t tony, but it is.’

take another little piece of my heart now, baby by blue_jack (21.5k, pg-13): no-powers AU, (surprisingly realistic) pretend relationship, non.orphan!Tony, oblivious!Tony, pining, get-together. ‘ “i think we should get married,” tony announced as he let himself into steve’s apartment, plopping next to him on the couch’